REVIEW: An Unexpected Music Venue: The Cave Without a Name

By Jane Kamata

The Cave Without a Name venue. Photo by Jane Kamata.

Many San Antonio residents are familiar with Natural Bridge Caverns, but few are familiar with the mysterious Cave Without A Name, located in Boerne, Texas, where artists play concerts beneath the ground. Music in the Cave featuring the Dancewicz-Doucet Duo is well worth the visit.

After I waited at the entrance to the cave, all of the concert-goers lined up and went through the cave rules. Then, the line slowly disappeared into the entrance as we walked to the Throne Room where the concert was being held. Along the way, I saw spectacular formations along the walls and ceiling, making the journey exhilarating. Once we reached the Throne Room, there was commotion and excitement. Everywhere I looked, formations of different sizes and shapes plastered the walls with decadent decorations. Then the concert began.

It was a journey through music. The Dancewicz-Doucet Duo is traditionally be a classical pair, but their show combined jazz, pop, and Broadway, which made the music both fun and enjoyable for a broad range of people. The second to last song was a particular favorite of the crowd, The Phantom of the Opera, and made the cave feel even darker than before. The acoustics of the cave were particularly striking; the music gave a voice to the stalactites and stalagmites which were otherwise silent.

After the concert was over, the audience was free to roam around the Throne Room. The beauty of the cave itself added another experience on top of the concert, which made this trip even more worthwhile.

The long trek back to the top was a haunting eight stories, but felt like two because of all of the distractions which hung on the walls; everywhere I looked there was something to see. On the surface, the vibrant world seemed different than the tranquil cave. It made me want to visit the cave again to relive its uniqueness.

Cave Without A Name's gift shop offered a plethora of intriguing artifacts and items. After browsing the shop, I stepped outside to meet the Dancewicz-Doucet Duo firsthand and buy their CD, an opportunity I could not pass up.

Overall, I would recommend Music in the Cave to anyone looking for some adventure in their concert experience. I can definitely say that I have never been to a concert quite like this, and it is a unique approach to classical music, as well as jazz, pop, and even Broadway. My trip to Cave Without A Name was memorable, and I can’t wait to visit it again for a concert, or even for a tour of other parts of the cave.

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