Construction Scatters NESA Classrooms Across Campus

By Peyton Spriester

With ongoing changes both to LEE and NESA, students this year must adapt to many new adjustments, including physical changes to the campus around them. With the well-loved 500 Building demolished, parking space is severely limited, and NESA Creative Writers and Musical Theatre majors have been relocated to scattered areas on campus.

David Connelly, acting teacher for Musical Theatre, says this is nothing new.

“Even the very beginning of NESA was an indication of what lay ahead of us,” he said, explaining some of the program’s earliest construction issues. Connelly’s class has been relocated across campus to the Tech black box, Room 101. The Musical Theatre and Technical Theatre majors must now share the space during periods when they both have classes. “It’s not ideal. The Tech people are having to have classes in the theater lobby….but I think we’re all used to adjusting,” said Connelly.

Jordan Bryant’s voice class has been relocated to an instrumental room above the band hall. Though the space is tight, she does not expect this to affect her class.

“Although we are sharing spaces and have shifted into a smaller ensemble room… we will continue to learn and create while enjoying the process,” said Bryant.

The Creative Writing classroom has been moved to the second floor of the ISA building.

“It’s very small. Usually, half the class has to be out in the hallway,” said Senior Creative Writing major, Alfonso Reyes.

However, there is hope on the horizon for NESA on campus. The NEISD district approved plans for a new fine arts building that will be completed in approximately two years. As of now, the building will include a new performance space as well as rooms for all NESA majors excluding Visual Arts and Cinema, which will stay housed in the 300 Building basement.

Plans for construction of new fine arts building.

But, these plans are not completely finalized. “There’s a lot of unknown… Changes are happening all the time,” said Sarah Pagona, the Director of NESA.

Though the present relocation of NESA programs around campus may be irritating, it is only temporary, and for those who will be around in two years, the transformation is sure to be exciting.

“Finally, after 25 or so years, this will be the first time facilities are designed and built for NESA acting, voice, and orchestra,” Mr. Connelly said.


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