Creative Writing Show This Thursday at McNay

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

By Andy Dorsey

The NESA Creative Writing show "A Gathering of Writers" will take place at the McNay Art Museum. Source:

Thursday, September 20th, marks the NESA McNay Art Museum Creative Writing Show, A Gathering of Writers. Filled with poetry, monologues, screenplays, and prose, this is the first and one of the most awaited shows of the year for Creative Writers.

The show manager, Lydia Acevedo, and her staff are currently hard at work to pick the finest pieces submitted to match this year’s theme: childhood memories and perception. As always, the chosen writings will be paired with a piece of art provided by Visual Art majors to help set the mood for the performance of each piece. Show attendees can also expect to see a few short, narrated films produced by the writers in the Creative Writing major.

“It is a prestigious show that proves we are not just snapping in the shadows. Writers can be fun and creative,” said Victoria Pool, the Creative Writing director.

Of the four planned Creative Writing shows, this is the only performance to be held at the McNay Art Museum. This well-known San Antonio landmark, which is the setting for many formal events, annually extends an invitation to NESA Creative Writers as a venue for their September show. This coveted setting provides young NESA writers an opportunity to share their performance space with works from renowned modern artists such as Diego Rivera and Georgia O’Keefe, as well legendary French masters, such as Renoir, Manet and Gauguin.

The show, which will be held in the Leeper Auditorium at 7:00pm, is open to anyone and is free of admission. Those who are unable to attend this show will have another chance to witness the Creative Writing majors in action at their second show of the year on December 15th.


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