Local Filmmakers Benefit from San Antonio Film Commission

By Kristin Quintanilla

San Antonio usually is not the first city that comes to mind when thinking about the film industry. Though its reputation for film is less widespread compared to Los Angeles or New York, there are still many locations and opportunities available. The San Antonio Film Commission allows filmmakers access to these resources.

The San Antonio Film Commission provides location permits, grants, a directory of crew and actors, and casting calls. They also host workshops for Texas filmmakers and actors. Even though they provide an extensive amount of resources to filmmakers, a majority of people do not realize that a film commission in San Antonio even exists, resulting in a smaller film scene in the Alamo City.

The commission is currently making an effort to reach out to the community by promoting their services through social media and newsletters. As a result, they are bringing more awareness to the San Antonio film scene.

Senior Cinema Major, Amadeo Rivas, has worked with the San Antonio Film Commission for projects outside of NESA.

“When it comes to locations and actors, they’re genuinely a big resource to indie filmmakers throughout the city,” he said.

NESA Cinema has worked closely together with the commission in recent years. In particular, they have provided the major with film permits for city owned locations. Because of the commission, the Cinema program has been graciously allowed to film at public parks, such as Olmos Park, as well as buildings downtown and throughout San Antonio free of charge.

This is not the only way NESA works with the commission. In the 2017-2018 school year, NESA hosted a workshop in collaboration with the Texas Film Commission and the San Antonio Film Commission, where Cinema and Creative Writing majors were certified in Texas as production assistants.

Only a minority of filmmakers and actors in San Antonio are aware of the commission, so many of these resources go to waste. Go to their website to post and respond to cast and crew calls, as well as to find more ways to get involved in the San Antonio film industry.


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