NESA Freshmen Feel Welcomed to their New School

By Gaby (Dazzle) Garza

NESA Freshmen Devin Towery, Isabelle Aguilar, Aleah Mireles, Lucy Gibbs, Sydney Scrimpshire, and Tara Gates talk in the courtyard.

Whether it was a mere two weeks ago or years since, people will always remember the stresses that the first days of high school brought them. What to wear, where to go, who to sit with at lunch: these were all things that suddenly had to matter. To regain that perspective, some freshmen shared their stories on how they adapted to the high school life, and more specifically, the NESA life.

“I thought it was going to be like High School Musical,” said freshman Musical Theatre major, Lucy Gibbs. “High school is definitely more serious and real than I thought it would be, but I get to sing, dance, and act during school--which is amazing.”

While NESA’s MTs were preparing audition material for their summer assignment, Cinema Freshmen were tasked with watching 5 films from the list of top 100 films in cinema history. With these, they had to write page long summaries about each, giving an in depth critique about the things they enjoyed or disliked about the films.

“What excites me about being a Cinema Major is to be able to create my ideas and put them into play,” said Freshman, Vanessa Wiley. Though it has only been a short time since the year has kicked off, students are already busy learning basic film techniques that will be used in almost everything they do from this point forward in their high school career.

“In just two weeks,”said Cinema major Rose Acevedo, “I’ve learned so much about things I’m actually really interested in.”

Over in the dance studio, NESA dancers have already started learning choreography for their annual Christmas show, Steppin’ Into The Holidays, but before the chaos of school began, all dance majors, old and new, attended a two day dance intensive, Dance Intensity, along with all of the JV and Varsity dance teams in NEISD.  

“My favorite thing about Dance Intensity was the opportunity to work with amazing choreographers from all over the country,” said freshman Dance Major, Sydney Scrimpshire. “I love being a part of a community of people who are dedicated to dance and being in a program that nurtures a passion for the arts.”

NESA is now home, not only to people from different schools around the area, but people from different districts and cities! Freshman Musical Theatre Major, Tara Gates, lives in Bulverde, Texas.

“My favorite part of NESA so far is that even though it’s been fairly hard for me--to be at another school with a whole new atmosphere and city--I’ve never really felt alone,” said Gates. “Everyone is really welcoming and sweet...and it’s a good feeling to have, especially when you’re new and nervous.”


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