OPINION: Creativity Takes Courage

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

By Promise Pitman

NESA has become a home to many young artists in and around San Antonio. It is a safe haven where expression of artistry and growth is encouraged, and the cultivation of our craft is a top priority. We can feel protected here in our little artistic bubble, sheltered away in San Antonio, Texas. Like many blessings, it can also be a curse.

But we can forget that art is global.

Similar to math, artistic expression is a universal language. We don’t have to translate a work of art by a Spanish painter to English to feel an emotional connection. A German orchestration can still bring you to tears. An old, black and white, romantic French film can make anyone swoon. That gorgeous Italian opera will have you on your feet, applauding. A Chinese ribbon dance will leave you breathless.

Art has no borders. We create art to share it with anyone and everyone willing to open themselves up to perspective.

Don’t forget that even as high schoolers, our art has the merit to be shared and spread. We  may have become too comfortable in our NESA community. Sure, starting small is good, but from there we need to grow. Get yourself out there! Your work has meaning and it can touch people from all around the world.

Social media can be a good place to start. Post a video of you singing your favorite song or playing an instrument on youtube. Create an instagram for your paintings or your photography. Start a blog for your writing. The internet can be a useful way to get feedback and connect with other people that relate to your work and vice versa. The internet can also be a place to gather inspiration. It’s a magical tool, that when used in ethical and kind ways, can benefit not only yourself, but other artists all around the globe.

Maybe you aren’t ready to open yourself to the entire world yet. Perhaps you really enjoy keeping your art local. Well, with San Antonio being the 7th largest city in the U.S., you’re in luck. We have a wonderful community of trendy artists here. From Broadway to the Pearl, from Blue Star to the McNay and down by the Riverwalk, there are many hubs located around SA where your art is invited, encouraged, and celebrated. Sign yourself up for an open mic night or a poetry jam with the Sun Poet's Society. Get your band a local gig or play for customers at the Cove or  Jandro's. Get yourself involved with visual arts programs like Say Si or The Blue Star Contemporary Mosaic Program. The key is to get yourself out and into a community where your art can be truly appreciated and noticed.

The Blue Star Arts Complex is a well known location in San Antonio for its lively and artist friendly environment. Galleries, shops and restaurants line the pathways of this downtown oasis. It offers many opportunities to immerse oneself in the art scene of SA. Source: https://bluestarartscomplex.comarartscomplex.com

NESA is a wonderful place to grow as young artists, but we must keep in mind that there is a whole world out there. There is a broader purpose for our art. Dip your toes in and see how it feels to express yourself outside of NESA. It might be daunting, but take the opportunity to move others with your talent.


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